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Celebration Cakes

Here at Juliet’s, I mostly offer you butter cream decorated cakes, but of course just how you want it. It could be naked cakes, or a rainbow cake, or an ombre cake, or a drip cake... The limit for the choices is the sky! Let me know what you want. So I can not only dream about it (it’s a pun!) but also make it a reality!

Cup Cakes

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? And I think they look fantastic. And a very quick crowd pleaser. My cupcake decorating is all about personal taste, imagination and suitability for the occasion. There are endless possibilities. I offer you selected range of flavors to suit your taste buds and a matching frosting to please your senses. Mmmmm……


Let’s be honest. They are gorgeous! And they taste mighty fine. And they can be decorated however you like. Sugar cookies are the best. And of course the Ghee cookies. They can be made in large quantities and be kept for weeks (I’m not even kidding). Cookies are made like lollipops too. This is a great addition to a party. Place your order and let’s get frosting!

Cold Treats

Now I must say, these are perfect. They are sweet, and tangy and creamy and crispy. It’s like a party in your mouth! Pavlova is the best addition in #cakegram family. They are highly appreciated among visitors. And a perfect treat for a luncheon or a dinner party. Give it a try. You won’t be sorry!

Short Order

These are the kind of cakes, you eat while watching TV with your feet up. Yes, it’s bliss in every mouthful. No they don’t have any frosting on them. They are just plain but delicious. There’s Apple streusel cake (This is my favorite), it contains juicy apple in the middle and the crumble on top is very crunchy. It’s perfect.

Sublime Desserts

Dessert are always good. You don’t even have to make excuses to eat desserts. Apart from Pavlovas and whipped cream logs, Juliet offers you dish based puddings. They are delicious, colorful and they sit so well on the modern table and fulfill the ultimate dessert imperative – that wonderful silence with spoons scooping away at bowls do all the talking!



Jesse de Silva

Omg,the cake was absolutely beautiful. I loved it!!! Everyone commented on how delicious it was. Thank you so much. I will be certainly telling everyone I know about your services.


Wonderful cake!! Tastes heavenly... flavour and the color combination fantastic!! very yummy!! enjoyed it a lot.

Check The Pricing

Naked Rainbow Drip Cake

Rs.1,900/- (1.5kg)

Ombre Rose Cake

Rs.2,000/- (750g)

Princess Cake

Rs.2,000/- (750g)



Rose Cupcake (12 cupcakes)


Heart Cake

Rs.3,500/- (2kg)