Adventures Ahoy!

Pink! I love Pink! I don’t know what’s so special about it, but since I knew that color, I’ve been so in love with it (The fact I’m 20 now doesn’t count) There’s something so comforting and nothing serious.  Pink for me screams ‘cake’ or something better like ‘Frosting’! I mostly do my cakes in pink because I think they look absolutely beautiful in their glory. And plus they look cute!

Okay. For one, I didn’t come here to talk about Pink or how amazing it is (who am I kidding? I could go a day talking about pink). Before we start, let’s get to this with a cup of tea and a piece of cake because this gets really interesting… (I hope)

One of the recent swashbuckling adventure I went on was to melt my cake stand. I swear I did melt it. Until it’s disfigured. Not on purpose though. I just didn’t know alright! I was so focused on making the cake that I forgot to check inside the oven before I switch it on to preheat….. After an hour or so, I came back to put the tray inside and there’s this orange lump almost like a sad tree. I couldn’t recognize it at once. I spent some time trying to figure out and once it dawned on me, I couldn’t stop laughing!

It was one of my mum’s prized processions. A gift from a family friend that she passed down to me. It was such a useful thing too. I couldn’t stop laughing due to two reasons. One, because it was so funny. Two, I knew my mum’s going to kill me.

I’m alive! Safe and sound! Aye! Let’s move on to the other one.

Fire! I almost set the kitchen on fire once. This is how it happened. I don’t usually use oil paper when lining the tray. I choose the easiest option which is silicone trays. And once I lined the parchment paper on the tray and dumped the batter in and sticked it in the oven. Half an hour later, I came to a kitchen covered in a smoke of a fire breathing Oven! My first reaction was to freak out and refuse to go near the oven in case it exploded (I refuse to sleep straight under the ceiling fan in fear of it might fall on me while I’m asleep). The second was to let the smoke out and let the fresh air in before the mother-of-mine gracious her presence.  Third, I successfully managed to open the oven and see what was wrong. It was a damn oil paper! It was too high on sides that they were touching the heat bars on top and they were on fire! The cake was burnt on top but it tasted mighty fine..  Within five minutes I managed to clear off the mess and when I was just done, mum decided to show up. She looked right at the cake and asked ‘Why does this look like a disaster?’

Instincts mum! Instincts.

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