How it all started

For those out there who thinks I’ve had success all the time, Let me tell you, the first cake I baked wasn’t a beautiful crumbly cake with a perfectly whipped topping. No! It was like your worst nightmare come true. It was awful and raw and it was dripping in the middle. The second one I baked, well, it felt like I’m holding a truck on my hands (!!!!)Sometimes I would make something and it doesn’t work, I make sure it finds itself   in the bottom of the garbage pile before anybody sees it.

As you could guess it wasn’t always a success but I didn’t give up. Every mistake motivated me to push.  If I had given up from the very disastrous cake, I wouldn’t even be here!  Every mistake is a lesson learnt. I will not say “I’m really good at this! I’m a pro”. No I won’t and I’m not.  I’m still a beginner.  An enthusiast.  Just an average girl with a diehard love for baking. I’m still learning. If you are a pro, you do this because you have to do it. The passion ends there. When you are a learner, you become tremendously interested in trying out new recipes, crossing boundaries and thinking outside the box.  When you do something you love, whatever the outcome is, it pushes you to do better.


So much talking about failure reminds me of something which happened recently. There was this brownie recipe I usually use, and instead of using a flat tray, I used a deep tin. It took FOREVER to bake. No matter how long I kept it, it was still raw. And finally thinking it was done, I let it cool and made a glossy chocolate ganache, poured it over, decorated it with some candied oranges and I digged into it. May almighty have mercy upon me! It was still raw! I sticked it back in oven, ganache and all and baked it for another half an hour.  The ganache had set into the cake and let’s say, it didn’t look pretty at all.. After cooling off, I put it inside a container and hid it away from my mum’s eyes.  Well, 3 days later I checked upon it to decide whether to find a place in garbage pile or not, took a bite. Let me tell you! It was the best brownie I had ever made. It was cakey but still fudgy inside; with the cooked ganache (honestly this was not intended) tasted so much like maltesers! A failure isn’t always a failure in baking. There’s a solution to every failure if you only you believe in yourself.


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