Meet Juliet

julietHey! I’m Juliet  (well not really but for now let’s stick with that name yeah?)  And I’m a girl who absolutely adores baking.  It actually started as a hobby but now it’s all I think about and dream about (I’m not even kidding!). And baking wasn’t something major in my family as they were big on Asian flavors and spices whatnot. But their passion for food is what really got me here. My grandma literally knows everything about cuisines (amazing right?) and her love for cooking is infinite.

Now I’m going to tell you what the purpose of this page is. For one, opening a bakery is my biggest dream. And this is something close and I thought, why not? The difference is only a building! So you guys could order my cakes right here and I will do my best to satisfy your sugar cravings!

Two, I love talking. About everything! I will be posting stories for you to read, get yourself inspired and find out that the apron you actually wear is a cape put on forward! I would try as much to stick to each topic but it can be hard because I get distracted easily! And all I wanted to do was sell cakes, but I guess I got carried away!

Alright guys! I hope you will enjoy my page, and my stories but most of all ordering my stuff!  It’s all made and baked with love (I do a generous sprinkling of that!)

And if you are a  social butterfly,  Add me on Instagram – Juliets _dreams  to be up to dated with my baking  and random chills. If you are more of an Olde gold, Mail me – and tell me what ya’ll think.

Good day everyone!