My motivators

Hello sunshine! I’m glad you are reading my second post! I’m not going to talk about my experience or anything here. I’m going to tell you about who helped me to get those experiences. These people not only have encouraged me, they also helped my dream to become a reality.

Being the rebellious 3rd child, I was the spoilt one. My Mama and Dada, loved me nonetheless. Most of all, they believed in me. They helped me in every way they could. When they see some baking item, they made sure I own one of them. There were times when I annoyed the living daylights out of them, but that’s what you call a family. No matter what you do, your family will always have your back! I love you both very much!

tumblr_m6uyaadmi01r4tbngo1_r2_400Then there’s my I-wouldn’t-but-could-do-without-you siblings. I’m actually rolling my eyes here. Let’s talk about my sister first. She’s basically a cake maker herself as I watched her make cakes while I was growing up. The night before Eid festival, she would start making the cake, and she preferred to use this giant wooden spatula, and I had to hold the bowl so tight as she beat the hell out of it. Honestly, it was the best cake of all the times. And her favorite was the marble cake! Yum! And her daughter, my niece is a bigger fan of my cakes. She’s an angel!


My brother. He’s the kind who would actually eat everything I make but still say ‘what is this? Poop?’ no brother. It’s called ‘Loser’.  Wait until you are hungry. Then I will feed you some attitude!

First, Drum roll please! Here comes my fiancé!!!!! (!!!!!) Who loves me very dearly and is helping in every possible way to achieve my dreams. He’s actually a dream come true himself. He’s the only person I feel comfortable confiding my dreams with. He understands. And we have a mutual love for cornflakes.  It’s amazing how I find parts of me in him, as if he’s not another separate human being, but a half of my own self. He would eat anything I make (He says they all taste good but 40% of the time I don’t believe him) and I love making for him.

I still remember a message he sent me after I sent him a cake I made.

I can’t wait to give your cake to my friends and hear them say ‘yummy yummy’. I love you so so much and I’m so proud of you Juliet. Keep up the good work sweetheart. You are the best in the world’

photofunkyHe’s the best <3

Now my aunt who lives in U.K. She is practically my savior. She would bring me recipe books and baking items and I’m forever thankful for her for those. She’s the one who gave me the basic sponge cake recipe.  And did I mention that she’s the coolest aunt?

This be Imaan. Who is trying to master the adult thing as a closet 10 year old. We’ve been practically birth mates, because when I was born she was one years old and she was right there, and she used to pinch me when I was a baby because she envied the fact that I was the owner of my mum’s undivided attention (I know! I’m not going to forget this for the rest of my life cousin!) Even though she lives in U.K and only comes here during summer holidays once for two years, we’re best friends. She’s my partner in crime (I swear I’m innocent!), and she’s the human being who told me about Pavlovas and showed me how to make them. And I still haven’t forgotten the memory of us trying to make meringues in the microwave, instead of the oven (does being 10 years old count as an excuse?).  You are amazing, but I do feel sorry for the person you are going to marry one day!


Good grief! If I forget this certain someone, I could find my body in a ditch the very next morning! Here comes my best friend Bella. She’s been my best friends since 1st grade and now we are already one year done with school, so 14 years and still counting! She’s pretty but annoying! But I love her so very much! She loves my cakes and basically anything I make. And her entire family is amazing and they treat me as their own (Yes I’m their 2nd child because Bella is few months older than me).

a819c1a65944d72d176325c4fe1b2cb1531ce3d69b3682fad6946daf45a4422e_1My grandma, who is a food queen herself. She’s a master in Asian cooking, with all the spices and curries, it’s interesting to watch how she expertly picks up the right amount of salt and chuck it in (she sometimes add salt which looks like a lot but it tastes mighty fine. When I add that much when I cook, it tastes super salty! Not Fair!). She knows all kinds of tips and tricks and shortcuts which puts anyone else’s cooking to shame!

If it wasn’t for these people, I wouldn’t have come this far to making it a reality. I’m very lucky to have them to support me and motivate me. You guys rock!


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